Do We Really Need Insurance?


Types of Insurance in the Market
Go to Life Insurance

Life Insurance

the most popular of all, protects you from financial loss in case of death. During hard times, money should be the least of your problems.

Go to Health Insurance

Health Insurance

covers your medical expenses including illness and disability.  This is also an important kind of insurance.

Go to Auto Insurance

Auto Insurance

shields you from certain risks by covering the costs sustained by vehicular injuries or accidents.

Go to Property Insurance

Property Insurance

safeguards your asset against theft and other types of damages including natural disasters. These include fire, typhoon, earthquake, flood and other hazards.

Go to Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

can also be used for your medical costs, lost baggage, delayed or cancelled flights and other incidents sustained while you are travelling.

Do We Really Need Insurance?

If you ask this question to a financial advisor,

I am pretty sure the answer would be immediately a “Yes.” However, let’s give this a thought first. Ask yourself, why are you looking for insurance services? Is it because you feel that you are in need of one? Are you looking for places where to put your hard earned money wisely? Did you hear about a colleague who just ventured into the world of insurance? Perhaps, you might just be curious, that’s all. Either way, it’s still a conversation that is worth your time.

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